Many are wondering how to obtain an exemption from a vaccine mandate.  Two possible methods are a religious exemption and a medical exemption.

The following information applies to the United States.  Other countries may have similar or different laws.

A religious exemption requires a sincerely held religious belief but it does NOT have to be part of an organized religion.  You do NOT need a letter from a member of the clergy. You do need to be able to express your belief in writing as a sincerely held religious belief.  Although there are templates available for such a letter, it is advised that you do not “cut and paste” but instead use your own original clear language to express your beliefs.

One medical exemption is an allergy to an ingredient in the vaccines, such as polyethylene glycol (PEG). A 2016 study found 7% of the population may be allergic to it.

Jab Update has a guide to both religious and medical exemptions with helpful links.

Dr. Richard Fleming provides a passionate and well-documented letter that can be used with employers and schools arguing for an exemption to a mandate.

Freedom of Religion – United Solutions has easy-to-use forms that one can use for religious exemptions.  They have forms for children’s schools, colleges and employers, including specialized forms for first responders and more.

Here is more information on PEG allergies.

Experts advise people who want to refuse the vaccines to NOT quit your job, but make them fire you. If you quit you may lose your rights to unemployment and the ability to sue your employer.

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