🇮🇳@COVID19Up: Some governments around the world don’t want the public to have access to COVID-19 vaccine data.

While in the U.S. a new denialism grows—implying that the CDC’s VAERS data has no connection to reality—in India, the central government has locked up COVID-19 vaccine data with a gag order.

India’s national health ministry warned all states that data produced by a system known as the electronic vaccine intelligence network (EVIM)—including information on vaccine stocks, temperatures, storage, and more—is the property of the central ministry. A letter noted that this data is “not to be shared with any other organization, partner agency, media agency, online and offline public forums” without permission from the government.

Indian media and health experts note that the language used by the central ministry is “unusual” as is the government declaring they “own” EVIM data.

“The caution against sharing information is certainly unusual, as is the word ‘owned’,” said a senior bureaucrat who had retired from the health ministry.

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