🇺🇸@COVID19Up: After a member of our Telegram group for COVID-19 observed an unusual pattern, one of our admins analyzed (1, 2) the relationship between adverse event reports associated with COVID-19 vaccines and the lot number of the vaccines recorded in the VAERS reports.

The data show a high variability in the reported adverse events by lot for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, where proportionally few lots concentrate a high number of side effects and deaths, with as many as 3,500 adverse reactions associated with a single lot of Pfizer and 4,900 for one Moderna lot.

Another finding shows that lots which revealed a high number of reported adverse events were recorded in numerous US states, while lots associated with few adverse events reports were found in fewer states.

The data, gathered from publicly available information, imply certain COVID-19 vaccine lots were highly dangerous for the general public.

The stated reason for the existence of VAERS is to “identify unusual patterns,” which is exactly what we did here.

However, additional data including lot size, origin, and distribution routes are needed to suggest a reason for this variability which could be caused by a wide range of factors, from contamination to a variation in the formulation or in the size of different lots, none of which is information accessible to the general public.

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