Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: to provide people around the world with the latest updates about COVID-19. Our team values truth and seeks to create the kind of journalism that empowers critical thinking.

About COVID-19 Up

COVID-19 Up is a network of independent journalists from around the world dedicated to keeping track of important updates about the coronavirus pandemic. The project started on Telegram in January 2020.

Independent media has faced incredible challenges over the last 15 months covering the coronavirus pandemic. The journalists behind COVID-19 Up have been personally affected by Big Tech censorship over the years, which is what originally led us to Telegram.

There has been a concerted effort to undermine independent journalism by tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter through censorship. Silicon Valley giants work with government officials and corporate media outlets to control what we see, hear, and read about COVID-19.

We never imagined where we now find ourselves: engaged in a global battle for truth surrounding an unprecedented pandemic. But here we are.

Who fact checks the fact checkers?
Only through independent investigative journalism can “we the people” challenge official narratives through critical thinking when the “experts” elevated by corporate media and government are wrong.